At Association Health Plans we believe that relationships count. Over time we have found a number of companies that stand out from the rest, and would like to offer our support and voice in favor of their outstanding products and similar focus on high value with quality customer service.

ROSI Office Products

Association Health Plans experiences the best of two worlds with ROSI Office Products; we are privileged to assist ROSI with it's employee group insurance benefits, and we have found a local, low-price-leader for our office supplies!

The best example can be found in our own experience with printer cartridges. As every small business knows, the printer/copier manufacturers sell their machines at very reasonable prices because the ink and toner cartridges are so expensive! We can't beat their system, but we can certainly look for the lowest price on those cartridges. ROSI beats the "big box" national chains (Office Max, Office Depot) every time on all brands and sizes of printer cartridges. They'll deliver to your door, free, the next day. And, you'll be ordering from the same knowledgeable sales rep, sitting in ROSI in Salt Lake City, each and every time. Best price, saves time and nice people.

Please give ROSI a try on your next office supply need. I know it will be a great experience!
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