Short-Term Plans
When a life-changing event leaves you without health insurance, Transition plans can provide you with affordable short-term coverage. These plans allow you to see any provider for covered services and receive the same level of benefits.
Ideal for those that have lost a job, recently graduated from college, or just opened a business, these plans cover accidents or illnesses for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of six months.
Transition plans do not cover preventive care, mental health, maternity, or prescription drugs. Instead, they focus on basic care needs that may arise during this time.
Transition Plans
Benefits Select Care Transition
Deductible, not included in the maximum coinsurance $250 individual/$750 family
$500 individual/$1,500 family
$1,000 individual/$2,500 family
$2,500 individual/$5,000 family
Coinsurance/Maximum Coinsurance 20% coinsurance/$1,000 maximum coinsurance
50% coinsurance/$2,500 maximum coinsurance
Emergency Room Coinsurance after deductible
Preventive Care Not Covered
Office Visits Coinsurance after deductible
Intermountain InstaCare/Urgent Care Coinsurance after deductible
Intermountain KidsCare Coinsurance after deductible
Prescription Drugs Not covered